The bustling waterfront houses many of the community's shops and industries, and serves as one of the primary gateways for travelers. Among the masts and colors of foreign ships, shipbuilders and fishermen rub shoulders with sailors and visitors from across the world—strangers who always bring with them exotic cargo and wild stories.
Deck list
At this location
When using a weapon, subtract 1 from each die rolled. After your exploration, you may discard 2 cards to explore again.
When closing

Summon and defeat a Bandit henchman.

When permanently closed

On closing, all characters at this location discard a card.

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B Brigandoom! 1+
1 Local Heroes 1+
1 Trouble in Sandpoint 5+
1 Approach to Thistletop 3+
2 The Cult Exposed 3+
2 Angel in the Tower 5+
3 Them Ogres Ain't Right 4+
3 Here Comes the Flood 3+
3 Battle at the Dam 5+
4 Sandpoint Under Siege 4+