I recently started playing Pathfinder Adventures on my iPad and I have really enjoyed it. Looking for resources online (like a database of cards or a simple summary of scenarios) I found there was little data and it was hard to determine if the data I found was for the physical card game, the digital version or if the versions were practically identical. 

Then I found this wikia. While it didnt hardly have any information on it I saw it as an open canvas. So I started dusting off some of the things I learned from my days analyzing game files from Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm and I quickly was able to throw together two big lists:

These were a first pass and I plan to add more data, and enhance the data I have already provided. I hope this will provide other players some benefit. Maybe that will be quickly finding out which scenario lets you skill up next or planning out the perfect deck for your ideal character. 

I am also looking for feedback from others out there. Are there any active administrators or other staff from this wikia that would be willing to discuss with me some enhancments we could make to the wiki so this information will be even more valuable? Does anybody know of another website or online database of this info so that I am not wasting my efforts on work that has already been done? 

If I am unable to track down an active staffer then I may apply for adoption of the wikia. But until then I will extract and organize more data. I may also use this blog feature occassionally as an op-ed outlet to discuss the game and the fun time we are having with it. 

I have played the game a few time with coworkers. We pass around my iPad which is pugged into the team projector with an HDMI adapter. We have a party of 5 (Cleric, Paladin, Fighter, Wizard, Bard) and we only finished the first scenario recently, Brigandoom! . It was an epic finish though. We had 0 turns left in the last location and Ezren was finding so many opportunities to continue exploring. On his last chance to explore out pops Jubrayl Vhiski. Would he have enough resources to actually kill him? We spent so much trying to keep on exploring. Well we played everything we possibly could off of the card Force Missile. We used Blessing of the Gods and Bardic Performance and Teamwork and we needed a 10. We rolled a 26! It was a clutch situation and we blasted the villain away. Can't wait to play some more in the office. 

Happy Adventures