Treacherous Cave
Hidden at the base of an overgrown cliff, the entrance to this cave yawns open, black and ominous. The crude carvings surrounding its opening imply that this is no natural cavern. Perhaps it's the home of a hermit, a smuggler's den, or the lair of something worse. Regardless, there's no easy way down to the entrance, suggesting that whoever or whatever claims the place doesn't welcome visitors.
Deck list
At this location
You must succeed at a Constitution or Fortitude 6 check to move or be moved to another location.
When closing

Succeed at a Wisdom or Survival 7 check.

When permanently closed

No effect.

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B Brigandoom! 6
1 Approach to Thistletop 1+
2 Foul Misgivings 5+
3 Here Comes the Flood 6
3 Battle at the Dam 4+
4 Jorgenfist 1+
4 The Ancient Library 2+
6 Cabin in the Snow 1+