The Skinsaw Murders is the second adventure in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path.

The dead stalk the streets of Sandpoint! The bloody trail leads to packs of ravenous undead and the haunted halls of Foxglove Manor. Behind this bloody spree is the Skinsaw Man, a ghoulish murderer backed by the merciless Skinsaw Cult—the same sinister allies who backed Nualia. Pursuing the fiends to the city of Magnimar reveals the dark goals of these evil-minded fanatics and their mysterious leader, an “angel” hidden amid the dizzying heights of the towering Shadow Clock.


Name Reward
Undead Uprising power feat
Crow Bait random armor
Foul Misgivings skill feat
The Cult Exposed random spell
Angel in the Tower Loot: Impaler of Thorns, Medusa Mask, Sihedron Medallion, Snakeskin Tunic

Reward Edit

Each character gains a card feat.

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