Sins of the Saviors is the fifth adventure in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path.

The evil might of Thassilon has been revealed, and Sandpoint sits upon one of its more fiendish ruins. To combat the resurrection of this dark nation of sin-obsessed wizards, Sandpoint’s heroes must scour the town of its haunted ruins, then travel to the dragon-guarded shores of Rimeskull. There, they’ll infiltrate the ancient Thassilonian laboratory of Runeforge, face its seven sinful branches and their timeless magical guardians, and claim the power of runeforged weapons for their own.


Name Reward
Underneath Sandpoint Loot: Fanged Falchion, Revelation Quill
Rimeskull random card of desired boon
The Halls of Seduction power feat
Thassilonian Sins Loot: Staff of Hungry Shadows, Summon Monster, Ordikon's Staff
Into the Runeforge Loot: Runeforged Weapons


Each character gains a card feat.

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