Shrine to Lamashtu
Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters, demon-goddess of madness, monsters, and nightmares, numbers among the most vicious and terrifying of Golarion's deities. Here, worn steps lead to a blood-stained platform on which stands an ancient altar, little more than a jagged block of black marble. A sense of malice and unnameable fear hangs over the place.
Deck list
At this location
If you encounter a blessing, you are dealt 2 points of Mental damage that may not be reduced.
When closing

Succeed at a Divine 6 check or banish a blessing.

When permanently closed

On closing, you may banish a blessing to draw a random blessing from the box.

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B Black Fang's Dungeon 1+
1 Trouble in Sandpoint 1+
2 The Cult Exposed 4+
2 Angel in the Tower 1+
3 Into the Mountains 1+
4 The Ancient Library 5+
5 Underneath Sandpoint 1+