Sandpoint Cathedral
The grandest building in town, Sandpoint's new cathedral is dedicated to the six deities worshiped by the town's founders: Abadar, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Sarenrae, and Shelyn.
Deck list
At this location
If you defeat a monster, you may add a blessing from your discard pile to your hand.
When closing

Banish either a blessing or Father Zantus.

When permanently closed

When you end your turn here, you may attempt a Wisdom 6 check to recharge a blessing from your discard pile. whenclosedback = copy

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B The Poison Pill 4+
1 Attack on Sandpoint 2+
1 Local Heroes 4+
4 Sandpoint Under Siege 1+
5 Underneath Sandpoint 4+