Crude but sturdy bars divide this chamber into several cramped, shadowy cells. Within each lie rusted manacles and the evidence of past prisoners—occasionally even stray bones from those who died in the care of their jailors. Somewhere in the darkness something rattles its chains, but who can say how reliable those restraints might actually be?
Deck list
At this location
You may attempt a Dexterity or Disable 8 check in place of the usual check to acquire a boon.
When closing

Succeed at a Charisma or Diplomacy 6 check.

When permanently closed

On closing, you may shuffle an ally from your discard pile back into your deck.

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B Brigandoom! 4+
1 Approach to Thistletop 5+
2 Undead Uprising 6
2 Foul Misgivings 3+
3 Them Ogres Ain't Right 6
3 The Fort in Peril 4+
3 Battle at the Dam 3+
4 Jorgenfist 4+
4 The Ancient Library 3+
5 Underneath Sandpoint 6
5 The Halls of Seduction 5+
6 Assault on the Pinnacle 4+