General Store
Customers can find a little bit of everything in the town's best-stocked general store—mundane goods, weapons and armor, even the occasional potion. Aside from wares both common and extraordinary, this shop also serves as a gathering place for all sorts of town gossip, and the store's owner is among the best informed and connected folks around.
Deck list
At this location
If you encounter anything other than an armor, an item, or a weapon, after the exploration you may explore again.
When closing

Banish a card.

When permanently closed

On closing add 1d6 random items to this location without looking at them, then automatically acquire the top card.

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B The Poison Pill 2+
1 Local Heroes 1+
2 Undead Uprising 2+
2 Crow Bait 4+
3 Them Ogres Ain't Right 5+
3 Here Comes the Flood 4+