Fortress of the Stone Giants is the fourth adventure in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path.

The giants are on the march! The stone giants of Jorgenfist and their red dragon ally have invaded Sandpoint. To save the town, its heroes must drive off the titanic invaders and pursue the survivors back to their rugged stronghold. Amid the mighty towers of Jorgenfist lurk forgotten evils and secrets of dark arcana. In the deepest halls schemes the stone giant Mokmurian, a power-hungry magician pursuing the secrets of sin magic and plotting to restore the ancient evil empire of Thassilon.


Name Reward
Sandpoint Under Siege skill feat
Jorgenfist card feat
The Black Tower Loot: Emerald Codex
Under Jorgenfist skill feat
The Ancient Library Loot: Mokmurian's Club, Robe of Runes

Reward Edit

Each Character gains a card feat.

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