Desecrated Vault
Sobbing angels and snarling fiends leer from the crumbling heights of this overgrown mausoleum. Ages have passed since anyone cared for the bodies sheltered within, evidenced by the grim vault's dilapidated statuary and its forced open heavy stone doors. The echoes of something murmuring within suggest that whatever lurks here now doesn't rest in peace.
Deck list
At this location
If you would defeat a bane with the Undead trait here, roll 1d6. On a 1, the monster is undefeated.
When closing

Succeed at a Wisdom or Divine 6 check.

When permanently closed

On closing, each character at this location may recharge an item from her discard pile.

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B Black Fang's Dungeon 1+
1 Attack on Sandpoint 6
1 Thistletop Delve 6
2 Undead Uprising 4+
2 Crow Bait 3+
2 Foul Misgivings 6
2 Angel in the Tower 6
3 Into the Mountains 3+
4 Under Jorgenfist 1+
5 Thassilonian Sins 6
6 Cabin in the Snow 5+