Deeper Dungeons
The air grows cold and stale as these dank passageways descend deeper into the earth. These halls seem older and wilder than those above; their walls are etched with mysterious symbols and their shadows are infested with things unused to light. The sound of grinding stone echoes through the passage, as if some great vault door were being forced open. Whatever might remain down here must be patient indeed.
Deck list
At this location
The difficulty of combat checks is increased by 1.
When closing

Succeed at a Constitution or Fortitude 8 check.

When permanently closed

No effect.

Found in Scenarios

Deck Number Scenario Players
B Black Fang's Dungeon 5+
1 Thistletop Delve 4+
2 Foul Misgivings 4+
3 The Fort in Peril 5+
3 Into the Mountains 6
4 The Black Tower 6
4 Under Jorgenfist 5+
4 The Ancient Library 4+