Burnt Offerings is the first adventure in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path.

With celestial ancestry, Nualia was born on the path of light, but a childhood facing the constant attention and jealousy of Sandpoint’s people drove her to embrace the demon goddess Lamashtu. Bitter and vengeful, Nualia has taken refuge in the ruins of Thistletop, enlisting the aid of goblins, a band of vicious outcasts, and other mysterious allies in a plot to destroy Sandpoint. Those who would save the town must defend it from her goblin raiders, quell the evils unleashed in the chaos, and then take the fight to Thistletop and Nualia herself!


Name Reward
Attack on Sandpoint skill feat
Local Heroes random ally
Trouble in Sandpoint power feat
Approach the Thistletop random weapon
Thistletop Delve Loot: Sihedron Medallion

Reward Edit

Each character gains a card feat.

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